At Minaya Learning Global Solutions we select one non-profit each year to support the development of their Strategic Plan.  Over the past three years, we have helped three local non-profits develop their strategic plans.  Dr. Robert Zemsky, a top professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, often shared his philosophy of organizations needing to be “mission-centered and market-smart.”  This means ensuring you are being true to your mission and understanding the dynamic changes that take place in your respective markets and communities.

Here are some of the key points a non-profit Executive Director, Chair and/or Executive Committee Member should consider when beginning the development of a strategic plan.

Revisiting the Mission and Vision of the organization

To further ground the board and other participants who may be involved in the strategic planning process, the following questions should be thought about and discussed:

What makes our mission relevant to today’s changing world?

What makes our vision relevant in today’s changing world?

The answers to these questions provide a solid foundation when determining the strategy and direction and when a multitude of ideas and opportunities are presented.