Our Team

  • Dr. Guido A. MinayaDr. Guido A. Minaya, MBA, Ed.D., CEO and Chief Learning Officer

    Dr. Minaya has expertise in a variety of industries including telecommunications, technology, energy, sales, leadership consulting and the non-profit sector. Dr. Minaya leverages his work in leading World Region initiatives (Latin America and Asia) along with his global operational expertise. Dr. Minaya focuses on global scaling strategy consulting and instructor, trainer, facilitator delivery services.

  • Susan M. MinayaSusan M. Minaya, ME.d., CPLP, SHRM-SCP, COO and Chief Learning Strategist

    Susan Minaya leverages her vast learning and development experience as an instructional designer, instructor, facilitator, executive director of a corporate university and learning strategist and consultant to the clients and partners of Minaya Learning Global Solutions. She has expertise in telecommunications, medical device manufacturing, energy, financial services, utilities and insurance. Susan Minaya provides consultative and learning strategy services, and business operations and client services and support for Minaya Learning Global Solutions.

  • Marianela ScarsellatoMarianela Scarsellato, Learning and Development Administrator

    Marianela Scarsellato brings years of client services and support to Minaya Learning Global Solutions providing clients and our global talent network with the support they need to secure resources and service our clients. Marianela is a specialist in global account management ensuring all client key stakeholders are provided the support they require from a back office perspective.

  • Mark WatersMark Waters, MBA, North America Region Project Manager, Sales Skills SME

  • Himli AliHimli Ali, MS, Asia Pacific Region Project Manager, Technical Skills SME

  • Flavio RuizFlavio Ruiz, Latin America & Caribbean Region Project Manager, Soft Skills SME

  • Julio SalgadoJulio Salgado, MS-CS, Europe, Middle East and Africa Region Project Manager, Sales SME

  • Dr. Sarah SteinbergDr. Sarah Steinberg, MEng, MBA, Ed.D., Global Higher Education Consulting Partner